Beach Dresses


Here you can get casual and cute Beach Dresses that make a Splash!!!
Our summer beach dresses are designed for cool women and keep you feeling relaxed with elegance. We've got the best beach dresses to help you stand out in a crowd.



What are you looking for beach vacation dresses online?

Here you find long beach dresses that are easy, breezy and so comfy, you’re never going to want to take them off. Find the perfect maxi dresses for your beach vacation.
When it’s hot and muggy, and you want to feel cool and relaxed,  it’s great to be able to reach for a comfy, cute and casual beach dress.


With summer on the horizon, there's no doubt vacation is on your mind and our beach cover up dresses in your heart...
The Saldepipa beach maxi dresses are about to become Your Summer Uniform.
Its breezy silhouette is basically built for heat.


Wrap your genuine look with our beach dresses for women. The flowy cut will definitely make you look good & confident. Here are some of our elegant beach dresses you’ll want to shine in this season.
If you’re looking for an unconventional and easy look, these are the perfect beach dresses for you.
Our lovely pastel printed summer beach dresses are an ideal look for any occasion. It’s time to break out the beach dresses! With the warm weather arriving, you can’t go wrong with a classic sundress.
There’s only one problem: Most beach dresses made in the fast fashion industry aren’t sustainable.
Here you have several ethical, sustainable and pretty beach dresses you’ll want to wear all summer long.

Beach Dresses for a hot summer day?

Our fabrics are selected for the heat. Cotton, linen, eco rayon there are some of the summer-friendly materials you can find in Saldepipa. The best fabric to opt for when the temperature rises should be breathable and comfortable.Sal de Pipa specialises in silhouettes you can easily wear over and over again.
Our dresses for being flowy and comfortable can also be used in the version of pregnant beach dress (maternity beach dresses).Using quality fabrics such as cotton and linen, simple silhouettes, natural and pastel colours, it's easy to see why Saldepipa beach dresses are so in-demand. Keep scrolling and shop a few of our favourite  long beach cover up dresses below.elegant beach dresses, long summer dresses, beach party dresses, beach evening dresses, white beach dresses, blue beach dresses, linen beach dresses, beach flowergirl dresses, beach resort dresses, are some of our options.Present realities also have shifted your beach dresses and cover ups options and some of your needs. If you’re looking to add some summer basics like white beach dresses for women and musts to your wardrobe, it could make sense to match that with the reality of home living and casual dresses for effortless style.

A lightweight cotton beach dress is what makes the perfect summer look.

We recently introduced a capsule collection of petite beach dresses, we are in love... with Our Little Salty girls: simply the best dresses to wear on the beach!he secret of our beach dresses and maxi beach dresses is in the design, material used and in love that we give him. SALDEPIPA beach dresses share our island vibes transformed in salty stories.